Protocol Writers: zotan,clerie:wq
Start: 20:25
End: 21:16
Attendance: zotan, erincandescent, enbyfoxen, amy, lis, gari, xeno, clerie, hannes, linus

TOP 1: New year's eve party (zotan)

  • party from 31.12. ~8pm - 01.01. ~4am
  • it will be loud
  • there will be some drinks (probably)
  • there is a Telegram group chat for planning
    • contact zotan for invites

TOP 2: rethink stuff and box management before the new shelves are full (xeno)

this is a loose assortment of vague proposals. I'm not on the hunt for strict due dates or similar, and my exxagerations are mostly based on hypothetical events. Also, I would like to run through this once, to avoid "that's the next topic" situations


  1. define "regular" over time
  2. box management
  3. non-box management


  • "who are those Vintage and Retro that need a whole shelf for themselves?"
  • the premise "all regulars should be able to have a box" is a lot more broad and flexible than "members can have a box"

this raises 2 questions:

  1. when is someone "regular", when "not regular anymore"?
  2. does it make sense that regulars get boxes and members get slippers, or do we need better incentives to become a member? (/s)

box management

"hello, I've been here a few times, let me put my junk into a box and skip town"


  1. regular™ expiry dates on boxes, resets on use
  2. require some contact information if the owner of the box is not "AfRA"
  3. box expires –> outreach with grace period
    1. resolved: person is active, picks up box, or contents are adopted
    2. unresolved: new "free stuff" box appears
  4. bonus: guidelines for what not to put into boxes? something something AfRA e.V. is not affiliated with any contents of regulars boxex but we did what we reasonably could something something

non-box management


  1. every item that doesn't fit into a box gets treated as a box.
    1. ownership sticker, contact information, expiry
    2. if "Public AfRA", then expiry\*2 (goal: inventory or trash)
  2. everything else: on space cleanup, unlabeled items go to [lost+found](https://afra-berlin.de/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=lost_found)
    1. L+F TLDR: monthly plenum topic to move items one step further in the chain: stage 0 –> stage 1 –> free stuff –> trash


  • we have space
    • it is not an issue right now
    • we should talk about this when it gets an issue
  • enbyfoxen is doing inventory of the current stuff
    • labeling stuff
    • messing people that have private stuff that haven't been used for a while
  • random stuff goes into lost+found

Top 3: stuff from xenos office

  • there is furniture left over since xenos office is moving
  • we have seen some pictures what might be available
  • we are interested in
    • office chairs
      • replacing some of the current ones
    • desk for the lab
    • kitchen furniture
      • drawers
      • shelves
      • desk/workspace
      • sink
    • thinkpad docks
      • for x240/…50/…60/…70
  • we are not interested in
    • tables
    • couches
  • xeno will ask and respond with what is possible
  • "we need this furniture thing!" –> approach xeno
  • either is is getting delivered or we just show up with a van
    • we will figure this out on short notice