Protocol Writer: sio
Start: 20:15
End: 20:43
Attendance: enbyfoxen, erincandescent, april, lilylunatic, sio, kiwi, xeno, gari

Motto: “Mülleimer leeren ist toll.”

TOP 1: Key for April (enbyfoxen)

april gets a key. Vouched for by enbyfoxen, sio.

TOP 2: Key for Kiwi (enbyfoxen)

kiwi gets a key. Vouched for by enbyfoxen, erincandescent.

TOP 3: Bathroom lock status indicator (april)

april and lilylunatic have been working on a way that it’s possible to tell if the bathroom is locked from the main room. So there’ll just be a red light on when the bathroom door’s locked.

No veto against. The device is to have no connection to the Internet.

TOP 4: Dirty space/left food discussion as per last plenum (april)

We should decide what we actually want to do about this.

Decisions on the topic: The last person to go should please clean up before they leave. We should have a poster/text thing to remind people to do this. Food found left out unlabelled when the Afra is opened again may be tossed out.

TOP 5: Announcement: Mailinglist discussion about afterparty at afra after CCCamp

One evening, weekend after camp. It’ll be loud, there’ll be a lot of music, there’ll be a lot of people.

There will be a mail sent onto the mailing list, and if no veto is received, it’ll happen. Discussion encouraged.