Protocol Writer: enbyfoxen
Start: 20:05
End: 20:28
Attendance: nikky, april, erincandescent, kiwi, nellie, enbyfoxen, stephie, V

TOP 1: There are no regular topics.

TOP 2: Bonus topic: People leaving food at the AfRA (april)

April: people leaving food at the AfRA is disgusting, i’ve had to do this 3 times now. Nikky: cleaning up other peoples moldy food is disugsting.

Mozzarella incident mentioned.

April: It would be nice if people start claiming repsonsbility when they leave food, it’s fair to the peple cleaning up afterwards. So we can know if it’s people doing it consistently, or just differently people doing this occasionally. AfRA is a community space, leaving trash ruins it for everyone else. I know from other spaces that AfRA now has the stereotype of being the “space with food standing around”.

enbyfoxen: do we care about what other hackerspace think, of course we care about moldy food.

April: Complaining wont do anything.

Stephie: what will work?

April: tracking who closes the AFRA would be a drastic method, we don’t want this.

Stephie: We have to assume noone is doing this as bad intentions, so what causes people to do this? What kind of food is being left?

April: Döner, Mozarella, takeout food in general.

So it’s not a probblem of people bringing food for cooking.

Nellie: should we put it in the fridge?

V: That will probably just rot in the fridge.

April: Do people not have the time, or do they forget? Stephie: People who close up should also check around for leftover food. April: We should also have a big reminder for people to do this!

enbyfoxen: Even just tacking a reminder onto the “How to AfRA sign” might be useful.

April: I put up a small reminder on the door already.

Erin: the sign should maybe be larger.

sio: Having a schedule board here would help not having people have to run after the last train.

April: I was also thinking about having an AfRA general info display, we could also turn the LCD on the window inside out for this.

plenum get sidetracked about general improvements, nikky puts us back on track

April: We should collect ideas about the best way of solving this and discuss this again next plenum.

Stephie: reminder that we are an anarchist space, and should be careful about not wording things as strict rules.

April: Ideas for solving this: Don’t blame anyone, remind people to clean up, make it a group effort, also just bin other’s people trash if you see it.

Sio: we should make it clear what happens to unattended food when the AfRA is opened, it goes into the bin.

Stephie: any rotten food also goes into the bin.

Conclusion: Another discussion at the next plenum after collecting some more ideas and opinions.

TOP 3: Update µBER funding:

enbyfoxen: noone submitted a complaint to the mailing list, funding is approved as per last plenum.