Protocol writers: nest, qyliss, lux
Start: 20:03
End: 20:29
Attendance: nest, embr, lux, partikel, xengi, qyliss

TOP -1: New keys


Xen will be a member. Xen is here for the second after a few times. Xen can provide movies for Partikel's movie nights. * ⇒ vouched for by lux, partikel


embr would like to be around more often, and lives far away so can't come unless she knows someone with a key will still be there when she arrives. * ⇒ vouched for by nest, qyliss

TOP 1: PA (aleix)

PA was brought to AfRA for a party. At the last plenum, speakers were allowed to stay here if a plan for where to put them was developed. Lux offered to help with removing the speakers. → Consensus that the speakers should be removed until a concrete plan with time table and concept where and how to place them is made and discussed at a plenum.


(Re-)Announcement: we will have an AfRA village at MCH. We have opportunites for transporting things there and back, but the transport back opportunity is for the last day, not the day after the last day. There is a Matrix channel for planning MCH, and a pad. Lux will make a list of things to be transported, and people can add to it. We have to put things in the pickup location in Berlin a week in advance. Volunteer needed to help Lux arrange it. We need picnic blankets, and lights and decorations.