Protocol writer: zotan, qyliss
Start: 20:16
End: 21:22
Attendance: Lux, gari, hener, xeno, embr, qyliss, enbyfoxen, lis, zotan, yaya, yuka, erincandescent, kiwi, V

TOP1: AfRApay regular status update (zotan, embr) (for additional infos see git.ztn.sh/AfRA/AfRApay)

A presentation was held.

Action item for zotan: add demonstration video & written instructions to the afrapay wiki entry

afrapay demonstration video: https://e2net.cdn.ztn.sh/drive/5b89b494-47d0-4eb1-b1a6-10cd43dd580d.mp4

The system is ready to be used. Please use it.

TOP2: Presence monitor/eta system, as it's possible again when core is working again. Do we want that again? (yuka)

People like the project. There is a consensus that we want it. We will activate it again. Please don't scrape it or preserve the data historically.

TOP3: Freifunk

Freifunk is nice