Protocol writer: sio
Start: 20:08
End: 20:25
Attendance: sio, stephie, qyliss, nininu, enbyfoxen, yuka, nikky, flowerforest, xeno

No topics requiring decisions, only status updates

As there's no topics in the wiki, we'll just do status updates, and collect topics for next plenum.

Status updates

Larger close button for Afra (stephie)

stephie has ordered a large red button from aliexpress

Lawyers for in case of police raid (sio)

Sio has asked at the FAU, and gotten a few addresses that could be contacted:

Repair of Core status update (yuka)

It's in progress. There is now an nvme SSD in core for the OS instead of a 15 year old notebook hard drive.

Core can't boot off an nvme SSD, so the bootloader's on one or several HDDs.

Lux & yuka are working on getting functioning, non-broken 2-4TB HDDs for core. If anyone has some working ones lying around they can spare, contact lux and/or yuka about getting them into core.