Protocol writer: qyliss / embr
Start: 20:15
End: 23:45
Attendance: qyliss, kunsi, morn, jtbx, sophie, partikel, yaya, lynxis, sio, nikky, zotan, lis, enbyfoxen, erincandescent, embr, Lux, xeno, katia, V

Key for enbyfoxen

Vouched for by nikky, embr, zotan.

Key for lis

Vouched for by yaya, zotan, nikky.

getting a sewing machine for the space (embr)

Can we buy a sewing machine?

Some sewing machines can be upgraded into an embroidery machine.

Maybe somebody has one they'd be willing to donate? Could ask on the mailing list.

Can be kept under a table when not in use. Smaller and more storable than a 3D printer.

xeno could possibly donate a sewing machine (singer 8280)? We could consider separate sewing and embroidery machines.

Prices range from €XXX-€XXXXX, so to decide about buying something we'd need a more concrete proposal.

Could also check eBay Kleinanzeigen.

Offer of fabric from morn.

Should have a warning sign, because they can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing, like a soldering iron.

Need to make sure it's storable.

Nobody objects to having a sewing machine in the AfRA.

AfRApay regular status update - there will be an update this time! (zotan, embr)

(a demonstration of the webinterface was available during the plenum)

for additional infos see https://git.ztn.sh/AfRA/AfRApay

Work in progress. Hardware prototype will be demonstrated at an upcoming plenum, but is pictured in the README.

How will buying work? Click -€1.50 on web UI, or click pay on the terminal and tap your token.

Supports our door tokens, as well as MiFare Classic and Suica, and possibly other transit cards.

It will be exposed on the local network, like the door.

kunsi will bring a 24-inch touchscreen, but there's some doubt about whether it will fit at the fridge. But we can probably find another use to it. Interface is designed to work on a €30 10-inch touchscreen.

Web dev help wanted. Contact zotan.

Move it to the AfRA GitHub? Maybe we should host our own git? Let's talk about this at a future plenum.