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 +====== 2022-06-01 ======
 +**Protocol writers**: lux \\
 +**Start:**  20:06 \\
 +**End:**    21:17 \\
 +**Attendance**: bibor, lynxis, nest, lux, arne, partikel, 
 +===== TOP -1: New keys =====
 +==== arne ====
 +  * arne is 3D printing
 +  * => vouched for by bibor, lynxis
 +==== partikel ====
 +  * partikel wants to organize movie nights
 +  * => vouched for by zotan, lux
 +===== TOP 1: new keycontract proposal (lynxis) =====
 +lynxis wants a simpler keycontract
 +The sentence "If the keyholder loses the key they are liable for all costs incurred as a result." might be removed. everything else is sane.
 +=> Action Item, lynxis will make a new keycontract and present it at the next plenum
 +===== TOP 2: do we need a new lock? (lux) =====
 +people we dont know have physical key. so we want to replace the lock.
 +people argue for a bit a more expensive lock, to prevent copying by accident.
 +lynxis propose to pay 100 euro for a new lock which has a keycard.
 +===== TOP 3: Getränke (lux) =====
 +Smaller drinks (0.33l) are sold for 1 euro which is very close to the price we pay for it.
 +Everybody is fine with increasing the price to 1.5 euro.
 +(small discussion about drinks and bottles).
 +Discussion about the price in general and also the posblty to reduce it to 1.25. Could be discussed some late time with a different credit system.
 +===== TOP 4: May contain Hackers 22.July - 26.July (lux) =====
 +  * a lot of people are going to MCH
 +  * afra is organzing a village, if you come, please help organizing
 +  * we are still looking for donations to finance nice hacky things.
 +  * please contact lux for further informations
 +===== TOP 5: PA (aleix) =====
 +aleix asked to keep the PA at afra. do we want this?
 +should be connected to the mpd
 +there is a lot of stuff hacked together.
 +  * one speaker is hacked (might be repairable low, mid broken)
 +  * where to put the speaker is to be defined
 +  * The speakers/PA is quite powerful, the mixer would be "fixed" and locked away.
 +  * some mixer settings can break the hardware.
 +  * offer to explain the setup
 +  * volounter to create some free space
 +  * aleix would like to bring a ps2 and ps4
 +  * the PA will be put in some corner until next plenum, and a more concrete plan will be made
 +===== TOP 6: DJ stuff (nest) =====
 +Can be used with headphones, or any PA, or anything.
 +The stuff is waterproof.
 +People argue for a place / shelf space, and to keep tables free
 +People want it here in a eurobox in a shelf.
 +consensur: it will stay in afra, put in a eurobox, we find a nice place for it
 +===== Announcement 1:  =====
 +Bibor will be here at 12th of June, next sunday, for cleaning and tidying up and hopefully more people show up to help