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jaseg angelegt
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 +===== Tektronix 565 =====
 +jaseg brought a Tektronix 565 with a type 3A3 dual trace differential amplifier and a type 3T77 sampling sweep to the AfRA.
 +For years, people smoked right next to the poor thing. Hence it is filthy dirty, and additionally,​ it does not work. If I [jaseg] remember right, the vertical amplifier has some issues and the horizontal amplifier and/or the timebases are broken. Opening it and removing some of the worst dust, I discovered at least two loose leads in the sampling sweep unit.
 +My[jaseg] plans are to first disassemble easily accessible parts, reconnect broken solder joints, clean everything, especially the tubes, re-seat the tubes and finally try to get the device working.
 +[[http://​w140.com/​tek_565.pdf|Instruction manual]]