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 ===== Keys ===== ===== Keys =====
-FIXME Newer rules? The [[:plenum_2012-10-25#schluesselvergabe|plenum on 2012-10-25]] decided that you can get a key if+As decided by the [[:protokoll_2022-02-02|2022-02-02 Plenum]] one may receive a keyif they
-  * you need one AND +  * introduce themselves at the Plenum AND 
-  * you are personally known AND +  * 2 existing keyholders vouch for them
-  * you have paid your membership fee at least once AND +
-  * you currently have no outstanding membership fees. +
- +
-All key holders must sign a key contract. If you want to get a key please contact binaryDiv. Key holders are asked to provide contact details [[intern:schluesselvertraege|in the wiki]]. Please note the advice for [[:shutdown|shutdown]].+
 +All keyholders have to sign a keyholder contract. You will then receive your key from the [[:keymasters|keymasters]]. Please follow the information about the [[:shutdown|shutdown]].
 ===== Services ===== ===== Services =====
 The AfRA hosts its services at [[https://in-berlin.de/|IN-Berlin]]. The AfRA hosts its services at [[https://in-berlin.de/|IN-Berlin]].