Info for members

The AfRA is a smoke-free hackerspace that is open to everyone. Everyone can drop in and participate. Be excellent to each other! AfRA is what you make of it.


Info about the association AfRA e.V. can be found here. You can find info about the plenum here.


As decided by the 2022-02-02 Plenum one may receive a key, if they

  • introduce themselves at the Plenum AND
  • 2 existing keyholders vouch for them

All keyholders have to sign a keyholder contract. You will then receive your key from the keymasters. Please follow the information about the shutdown.


The AfRA hosts its services at IN-Berlin.


All members get an mail address. With this address you are subscribed to the members mailing list on which the invitations to the members' meetings are posted. Please change your password after you receive the login details! If, for example, your mail address is then your user name is afra_user.

In the webmail interface you can configure a standard identity. For newer accounts this is set to, for older ones it is unfortunately still set to the default You can change this under Preferences → Global Preferences → Personal Information.

Mailing lists



For the purpose of avoiding spam creating accounts on the wiki is disabled. If you want an account please send zeltophil a user name and a mail address. AfRA members get access to the internal pages where you can find things such as financial reports.


There is an AfRA team on

Shell access

If you want access to, e.g., to run your IRC client there please send your SSH key to zeltophil.


If you want you can get an jabber account. Please notify zeltophil to get it enabled.


Every member can get a pair of slippers.